Positioned for US Commercial Success

OnPART™ is a novel genomic-based IP-protected precision medicine product designed to accurately assess a patient’s risk for developing moderate-to-severe side effects associated with commonly used chemotherapy regimens combined with a quantification of the patient’s perspective for how the side effects may impact his or her life.

It has been >20 years since a transformational product was introduced in cancer supportive care.

Planned milestones & capital raises will have us commercially ready to launch within 24 months.

OnPART™ Potential US Market >$2B Annually

  • • SEER database estimates: includes newly diagnosed pts & those with recurrent disease that will be treated with chemotherapy
  • • Market opportunity assumes value capture payer model of >$2500/unit

Intellectual Property

Durable Value


  • Systems & Methods using machine-learning to predict treatment regimen-related outcomes & copyrighted instrument to measure patients’ preferences (patents pending USPTO)
  • Have licensed 2 US patents from National Cheng Kung University for characterizing algorithmic complexity to ensure efficient analytic architecture design and faster parallel processing
  • International patent applications-OUS & Taiwan >150 countries

Trade Secrets

  • Algorithms that determine the interactions of the genes & SNPs in the networks
  • Analytic architecture optimized for computational efficiency


  • Preference Assessment Inventory© (PAI)
    InformGenomics, world-wide commercial rights with perpetual license
  • Adds important component that FDA and Payers recognize as essential for Personalized Medicine, i.e., patient preferences


  • Technical expertise to precisely measure the clinical and economic spectrum of patient reported outcomes (PROs)

OnPART™ Market Research

Potential Game Changing Technology

Summary of Impressions – ASCO

  • Majority of physicians agreed that OnPART™ was potentially an important “first” in cancer care
  • Offered an opportunity to predict side effect risk with a high degree of accuracy for better decision making and improved patient care
  • Gave the practice a competitive edge
  • “OnPART™ is expected to create a unique fundamental shift in the process of therapeutic decision making in cancer management… for physicians as well as patients”

Competitive Advantages

Should be first to market in area of high unmet need

To our knowledge, only company focused on:

  • Risk prediction of side effects using genomic-based algorithms
  • Individualized treatment & supportive cancer care planning withpatient preferences—prior to chemotherapy

Extensive development & commercial knowledge in oncology/supportive care with well-established commercial relationships with key accounts

Over two decades of experience in health economics and value-based pricing strategies for the dynamic payer market

Platform applicable to other costly disease states that are currently “trial & error” medicine