Vision to transform trial & error medical decision making to precision medicine with a platform of genomic based precision medicine products

Inform Genomics Inc. utilizes proprietary patented systems architecture, patented machine learning algorithms including deep learning along with mobile applications to develop genomic-based, precision medicine products (patent pending) that identify actionable events to improve the value of care.

Physician & Payer Feedback

what the industry is saying...

Integrating patient’s view of side-effects and genomics into a single risk report has tremendous potential.

The potential cost savings of OnPART™ & HSCT/Mucositis™ is a win-win for the patient, physician and payers.

With so many treatment possibilities in cancer, OnPART™ would have a very valuable role in making therapeutic equivalent treatment decisions.

The question isn’t why would we adopt these products, but rather why wouldn’t we?

Inform Genomics is uniquely positioned and qualified to develop and commercialize these products.